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Alumni & Student Profiles

Virginia Barber-Rioja '02, '09: NYC Corrections Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

Virginia Barber-Rioja ’02, ’09: NYC Corrections Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

Virginia Barber-Rioja, Ph.D. ’02, ’09 oversees the clinics, programs, and teams that provide mental health services across New York City’s ...
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Tania Kinsella

Tania Kinsella ’03, ’24: NYPD Commanding Officer, 120th Precinct

“To be an effective leader in this job you have to have love and empathy for the people who work ...
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Sochima Eze

Sochima Onyekelu-Eze ’09: Federal Air Marshal

Sochima Onyekelu-Eze ’09 is a Senior Federal Air Marshal, author, entrepreneur, photographer, and mentor. The son of Nigerian immigrants, Onyekelu-Eze ...
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Three dogs sitting with city view in background

Ken Quick ’08, ’24: Commanding Officer Tackles Suicide Crisis with Puppies

When Ken Quick ’08, ’24 entered John Jay’s Criminal Justice Ph.D. program in 2019, the NYPD was experiencing a rise ...
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Sarah Chu

Sarah Chu ’23: Improving Forensic Science

Working with the Innocence Project, Sarah Chu ’23, a criminal justice doctoral candidate, witnessed how devastating forensic science errors can ...
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Collin Johnson

Collin Johnson ’04, ’08, ’23: Lieutenant in Charge of Transit Special Victims, NYPD

“Transit police officers are very good at what they do. They have a keen eye for suspicious activity,” assures Lieutenant ...
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Yanvier Morel

Yanvier Morel ’23, NYPD Domestic Violence Officer

Born in the Dominican Republic, Yanvier Morel ’23 grew up in public housing in the South Bronx. “I’m the first ...
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